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3 Programs To Manage Your DigiTint & DigiShield Products



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A computer controlled inventory and tracking program managing pre-cut and preshrunk kits for the installation of automotive overlay protection films.

  • 9 installs of window film per day on average
  • Largest ability to Produce
  • Ready-To-Hang
  • NO cutting system
  • Most Profitable
  • Minimal Training
  • Low Skill Req.
  • Advanced Tracking & Reporting

The combination of our computer controlled  tracking program, our cutting system and precut and preshrunk back glasses.


  • 7 installs of window film per day on average
  • Ready-To-Hang plus
  • Cutting System
  • On-Demand Cutting
  • Advanced Training
  • Advanced Skill Level
  • Advanced Tracking & Reporting

A computer controlled  system allowing our partners the ability to produce onsite and track all films down to the hundredth of a square foot and obtain detailed reports.

  • 5 installs of window film per day on average
  • Cutting system
  • Over 100,000 Templates
  • All films cut onsite
  • Advanced training
  • High skill level req.
  • Advanced Tracking & Reporting
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