DigiCut Systems FAQ's

Q:What is the range of vehicles supported in the Bristol Package of ready to hang film?

A: The ready to hang library can produce custom kits for almost any vehicle dating back to 1993.


Q: How long does the training last for the Ready-To-Hang products?

A: Training is held on site in the bay provided by the dealership.  Our certified DigiCut Trainers will be onsite for a full week working one on one with your installer.


Q: What if I need more training for a new employee?

A: DigiCut’s detailed reports will let us know what issues the installers are having and with which vehicles.  Additional training is provided at no additional cost to the dealership.


Q: Can I purchase single Ready-To Hang pieces?

A: Yes, Single windows are available for purchase.  The Bristol System will reconcile the single windows in your inventory to reorder the correct pieces to rebuild full kits and minimize any and all waste.


Q: What kind of warranty do the Ready-To-Hang products carry?

A: DigiCut warrants professionally sold and installed DigiTint brand automotive type window film against peeling, cracking, de-lamination, and adhesive failure for as long as the vehicle is owned by the original film purchaser.


Q: Do I need a special environment for window tinting?

A: The installation bay is a key factor to the success of any window tinting or clear overlay paint protection operation.  Our experienced staff will work hand in hand with the dealership to select the best possible solution for both the dealer and the long term durability of the program.


Q: How can I be sure I will be installing only legal tint on my vehicles?

A: Liability is a key component to all our programs, installers do not have the option of installing darker than legal window film without manager’s authorization.  Keeping the dealerships liability to a minimum.