Bristol | Program for Tracking Window Tint and Paint Overlay Protection Films

Like its namesake has the fastest laps and the most laps, the Bristol package has the fastest install and the most installs per day. The Bristol package includes Ready-to-Hang window film and paint overlay protection film. That means it’s the least technical, fastest installation and has Zero waste involved in cutting & shrinking film.

This combination makes it the most profitable package in the DigiCut Systems.

  • Up to 9 installs of window film per day
  • Ready-To-Hang: Bristol uses a library of precut and preshrunk films that are ready to hang right out of the box.
  • NO cutting system: No cutting and no training staff how to cut and shrink film.
  • Most Profitable: less waste, faster installs minimal training are just some of the reasons Bristol is our most profitable program.
  • Minimal Training: With Ready-to-Hang overlay films there is a minimal amount of training involved.
  • Largest Ability to Produce
  • Low Skill Requirement
  • Tracking & Reporting: The Bristol System includes reports for tracking inventory and profitability.
  • Order Management software, allows for tracking and ordering of Ready to Hang kits and individual windows designed to reduced film costs and maximize profits.

From Inventory to Install in Minutes

Looking for a time tested, sustainable profit center for your dealership?

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