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The laps are longer on the Talladega track and the Talladega Package has a longer installation process. This package uses a combo of the DigiCut controlled cutting system along with pre-cut/ preshrunk film for the most technical of installations, the back glass.

  • On Average a dealership can do 7 installs of window film per day with the Talladega Program
  • Talladega is similar to the Bristol Program in that it has Ready-To-Hang back glass, which is the most difficult to cut and shrink.
  • Cutting System & over 100,000 Digicut Mastered Vehicle Templates
  • The combination of a Cutting System and Ready to Hang, precut preshrunk back glasses increases the customers Ability to produce over that of a traditional cutting system.
  • Advanced Training
  • Advanced Skill Level
  • Tracking & Reporting

On Demand Cutting System + Ready to Hang Back Glass

Our Management Information System Includes Detailed reports for the following:

  • Production to Operation Code Report: Both income and expense of your entire protective film operation.
  • Film Inventory Report- current inventory
  • Summary Report- summary of all film related activity
  • Detail Report- Detailed report of all film related activity
  • Consumables Usage Report- Details all cutter knife and cut-strip usage for a defined period of time.
  • Labor Summary Report- Detailed earned labor cost for a defined period of time.
  • Order Management reports for tracking and management of individual Ready To Hang Back Glasses


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