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Every Car Looks Better with DigiTint.

It's a fact seen in automobile manufacturer advertisements.  Manufacturers don't install window film,  but when they advertise their new models they always have tinted windows. Window Film makes every car look better.


DigiTint Window Film Is A Time Tested Durable Profit Center

DigiTint is our automotive window tint application. while using this turnkey system that consists of all necessary hardware, software, training and technical support, the user is able to cut precise window tint for virtually any vehicle sold in America since 1993. This software library, consisting of more than 100,000 unique window templates, allows the operator to cut window film for nearly any vehicle in less than two minutes


1) Ready to Hang Film | The Bristol Program

DigiTint ready-to-hang is designed to provide a program for a dealership to use their existing facility and personnel for the installation of pre packaged window film on both new and used vehicles. The kits are custom produced for each window of the vehicle and include any necessary shrinking of the film to insure a precise fit. All film kits have a lifetime warranty.  We provide installer training at no cost. This approach requires the least amount of training and lowest risk as well as the fastest installation, making it the most profitable program in the DigiCut Systems.


2) Cutting System | No Hand Cut Window Film

At the heart of the DigiTint system is InControl software. A product of nearly 20 man years in development, it not only operates our specialized digital cutter, but also tracks each revenue, cost and utilization factor of your tint operation. The computer cut tint can be applied to a vehicle without the years of experience necessary to cut by hand. Both the Le Mans and Talladega Programs use the DigiCut controlled cutting system that includes a template library of over 100,000.


3) Training | No Previous Experience Necessary

The training necessary to install professional quality window tint takes only one week and requires NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE in window film installation. During our "on-site" training each student will be trained by our full time factory certified instructor in every aspect of installation with the DigiTint System.


4) Tracking | We Track Every Piece of Film Down to 0.01"

As part of the high value added solution, each piece of film is measured and tracked to within 0.01" with a custom report being available that shows a combination of material and labor costs by VIN number and/or RO#/Stock#. This report along with over a dozen other reports, provides the foundation to measure each element of the window tint process.  Clear Management conclusions can be drawn for any time period relating to income/expense, labor costs, material costs, waste and spoilage of material, as well as re-checks and warranty information.


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