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Protection for New Vehicles Paint Finish

DigiShield is our clear overlay paint protection solution. A clear, tough almost invisible protective urethane film working to shield a vehicle's leading edge surfaces from rocks, bugs and scratches. The DigiShield  solution is turnkey and includes everything necessary for ongoing profitable operation.

The DigiShield solution cuts a six mil thick clear protective material in less than two minutes and precisely covers all strategic areas of the vehicles painted surfaces, thereby protecting from a combination of rock chips, as well as incidental rub and wear areas such as door pulls, door edge guards, hood, fenders, mirrors, and front bumpers. Each available vehicle has multiple templates that can be chosen for cutting either individually or as kits to cover only the parts of the vehicle that the installer chooses.

The DigiCut System Guarantees Profitability

Multiple Kit Options Available

DigiShield can be used by either the Bristol or Le Mans system for quick and easy installation.  DigiShield can add substantial gross to the bottom line of a dealership for both the front and back end.  Multiple packages give the dealer and his staff options for their customers: HFM (Hood Fender Mirrors), Front Bumper, and Appearance A (door edge guards and door handle pulls), as well as rear bumper protection.



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